Mass Effect 3 playthrough

Last night, I did the asari monastery and saved Samara and her daughter, saved the cerberus scientists and Jacob, and made peace with the quarians and geth.

This is where the game starts to go down hill, you have do a lot things in mass effect 2 and the n7 missions on rannoch, as well as have enough paragon or renegade and reputation to make peace with the quarians and geth. Only to have all of it discarded later in the game if you choose the destroy ending, I hope bioware takes this as a lesson to not let one person decide the outcome of years of work. Specifically, “Lots of speculation from everyone,” and Bioware high handed defense of him with claims of “artistic integrity.” The endings were so rushed that it shows, nothing is thought through well, “space magic” is the catch all.

The ending is not just it either, Thessia and Kai Leng, he of the invincible plot armor, is bad as well. Kai Leng is such a horrible contrivance, artificially propped up and lacking depth and the trademark character of Bioware. He basically personify’s the endings and Bioware’s lack of creativity towards the end of the game. The only thing they did well with Kai Leng is making it so people hate him.

I hope that in Mass Effect 4, they can recapture the good they did in first half of the ME3, and take a hard look at what made ME and ME2 so good as well as what was bad in the trilogy.


Mass Effect 3 Meeting Samara on the Citadel after the Ardat-Yakshi monastery.

A good piece of advice from Samara too, “Your time is precious, spend it wisely and with those who care for you.”

Just got through this part and Rannoch last night.

“his wish was for you”

Another great moment from me3, couldn’t find one on youtube from the Femshep side.

Just got through this part, still emotionally charged and still excellent. God, I hope that Bioware can have at least this much emotion and character in Dragon Age Inquisition and ME4. It also gives me something to think about Dragon Age 2, I rarely play games for how they look or anything else, usually story and character is all that matters, maybe if DA2 goes on sale I’ll look at picking it up. everyone deserves a chance.

“Kalahira, mistress of inscrutable depths, I ask forgiveness.

Kalahira, whose waves wear down stone and sand.

Kalahira, wash the sins from this one and set him on the distant shore of the infinite spirit.”

I can’t wait for the best renegade interrupt ever on Kai Leng later in the game.

Unexpected gems from Game of thrones show that were not in the books.

My absolute favorites are mostly Arya related ones. Specifically, the scene with Syrio explaining to Arya that “There is only one god and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: Not today.” The Tywin and Arya scenes in season two are especially good too.

Jason Momoa’s Khal Drogo pledge to Daenerys and their son to take the iron throne and the seven kingdoms was a stand out moment as well.

Theon’s realization about this true father dying in kingslanding, choosing wrong trying to prove himself Ironborn and betraying the Starks was also done well.

Casting that went against the description in the books as well, Charles Dance as Tywin, Jerome Flynn as Bronn, Natalia Tena as Osha, Peter Dinklage as Tyrion. The best portrayal being Iain Glen as Jorah Mormont.

Honorable mentions to the portrayal of Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion.

Its unfair that the show is sometimes harshly judged on not being exactly what is was in the books, and I don’t think its deserved. This also applies to other book adaptations vs the show or movies, like V for Vendetta, The Watchmen, Harry Potter, 300, well you get the idea. They are completely different medium and have to allow for changes. If you desire an exact reproduction, its better to not watch any adaptation and just have it completely in your imagination then to nit pick over adaptations or to demean some one else’s enjoyment of the adaptation.

The urge to resubscribe.

So completely out of the blue, some friends of mine resubbed back to WoW, and now want me to resub as well. I find it hard to resist, the allure is still there. There are many aspects of the game I like, PokeWoW, the arena, battlegrounds and the community of people I know on So it’s difficult to resist going back, and after two days of pestering to resub its hard not to.

I am not sure why I am holding out, something just doesn’t feel right at the moment and I can’t put my finger on it. I am sure I’ll relent some time but its not going to be today or tomorrow.