A cool thread from r/dragonage.


What do you hope to see added or removed the series in Inquisition?

Personally, I’d like to see the scope and size of Origins added back into to the series and more specializations for classes like Shapeshifter for mages. I’d like to see something that made the world and the npc’s have a life outside the player, meaning the world does not revolve around the player. I’d also like to see a faction and reputation system like Alpha Protocol had, meaning choice and actions really matter and shape the story in vastly different ways.

What I’d like to see removed, is the illusion of choice from DA2 removed as well as the over reliance on the forgone conclusion storytelling technique from DA2.

I am not expecting the game to be perfect or excellent or anything really, I want bioware to really get back to form and make a game like they used to.


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