The Dresden Files: Death Masks

It was much more then I expected, and I already anticipated it would be a good audiobook. There was none of it that I didn’t absolutely love and I cannot stress enough how good James Marsters is narrating it.

I really liked the insight you get into Marcone and Harry for their motivations of why they do what they do.

The war with the Red Court and the duel being a side story was great, I really like the way it was done.

It’s getting to the point now where I think the Dresden Files is going to end up being my favorite book series, a head of the Dark Tower and A Song of Ice and Fire respectively.

This series has everything I like and told in my favorite manner, A detective story. Its just insanely good and I am extremely glad I went with the audiobooks because James Marsters is so good narrating it.

Onto The Dresden Files: Blood Rites next.


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