Zack Snyder’s Superman and Watchmen

To get some stuff out of the way, I am fan of Zack Snyder, I liked 300. I liked Dawn of the Dead. I liked Sucker Punch.  And I liked Man of Steel. I like him as a director and like his movies. Tangent here, I never got to see Legend of the Guardians because from some stupid reason I avoid movies aimed at kids, a bias which I am slowly trying to overcome.

I don’t think he’s great or better then this director or that the films themselves are masterpieces of cinema, I just like them. The problem is that so many people have this idea that if you like something it becomes something special or becomes some sort of discussion on what makes it any good.

Oh you like that? what about this or that? You think its better then this? Why do you even like it? How can you possibly think that this is something good? 

I have only met a few people who can understand that liking something doesn’t mean that their preference for it is something that is better or worse than something else. The best way I can put it is how few people would respect the other persons preference without casting some sort of judgement on it.

I don’t get the hate for Man of Steel or Watchmen, both movies I really liked. Watchmen was as faithful to the material as something could be, the ending changed but the result of the ending was exactly the same. The movie was nearly dead on in adapting the graphic novel and somethings where changed (not any better or worse, merely just different.) As for Man of Steel, I liked the his direction of it, he neither wrote the script or adapted it for the screen, he worked with what was given to him and did it well enough. Until Snyder’s Man of Steel, I was utterly uninterested in Superman at all, as a character I thought he was the least interesting superhero ever. However, after watching the movie I became interested in it, I understood the motivations and his intentions better because of the good portrayal of his “fathers” and their affect on him. That is more story based, but I liked the visuals of the film, I liked the pacing, and I liked tone of the movie.

I guess it just boils down to, I don’t get people really. I see nothing that makes Snyder bad at anything or any of his movies being categorically bad either. I can see and respect peoples criticisms of his movies but to judge them and state they are “bad” in anyway, I just don’t get at all.


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