New Video for Dragon Age: Inquisition, notice that Bioware dropped calling it Dragon Age 3, as they want this to stand on it’s own rather then be loosely thought of as connected to Origins and 2. I think that is a good move, if Bioware had called DA2 something like Dragon Age: Rebellion or something, I am sure that a lot of the criticisms or nit picks would not have been an issue.

As for the Trailer, the game looks great, dat Frostbite engine. Frostbite is used in BF4 (I’ve been playing it a lot and its looks great) to create some huge and expansive fields of battle with a lot of height in terms of cities or width in terms of environments with lots of rivers and foliage. However, I really get the impression that this whole trailer was done to get the eye of Skyrim fans more then Dragon Age ones. Right down to the hunting and Dragon Flyby. Compare yourself,

I am not going to say I am not impressed, because I am impressed, I find it hard to resist a game that may be as big or bigger then Skyrim with the depth of character that Bioware is known for. I hope they don’t repeat to many mistakes from the past and let slip another disappointment on the level of DA2 and ME3’s ending.

All in all, I am really starting to have anticipation grow for this game now, I may even stray from my current wait and see approach for it, though only time will tell.

Still Bioware deserves the slightest of nod’s here, the game has a great look to it, they have the history of extremely well done characters, and it looks like that 3 year development cycle is paying off. I hope they take was good from the other 2 games and refine it in this one. If they do that, then it could be a return to form for Bioware.


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