The Witcher

So almost up at the end of Act 4 of 5, with the epilogue after the 5th act, and its story has been pretty good. Seeing choices made earlier play out in flashes of pictures and narration really work well to show how they play out. Killing or sparing someone, siding with one side or another or remaining neutral, and how you act on the knowledge you glean from things after losing your memory. All very well done.

I will take my time playing this and the Witcher 2 since the Witcher 3 has been delayed until February 2015, so a lot of my need to get the 2 games done with quickly have now been pushed back to at my leisure, and of which I am not complaining. I’d like more time to get acquainted with the novels and the second game.

I am looking forward to playing the Witcher 2 and seeing how things evolved or changed focus on. I’ve heard it’s difficult and will taking some getting used to as far as the combat goes but I am more than willing to try.

So far I am impressed with CDProjekt RED as a developer, they have taken a well established franchise adapted it well into a good RPG with choices that have consequences and not taken any real liberties with the source material. I will definitely be looking favorably on their games and probably even buying them on release without too much fuss getting in the way. Unlike Bioware, which I have adopted a wait and see approach on.


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