Game of Thrones rewatch: season 1 episode 10, Fire and Blood.

The last episode of season 1 of Game of Thrones rewatch. 

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 Spoilers after the read more break

The aftermath of Ned’s death is shown, Yoren takes Arya out of sight and cuts her hair to disguise her as a boy, telling her he intends to take her north to Winterfell.

Bran has more green dreams about the crypts under Winterfell, dreaming this time his Father is there. Osha and Bran descend into the crypts where Bran gives a brief history of the Rickard/Brandon/Lyanna before coming to crypt where he saw his father in his dreams. They find they are not alone, as Shaggy Dog knocks them down and Rickon appears from the darkness claiming he had a dream of his father in the crypts too. They exit the crypts trying to examine why Bran and Rickon had the same dream. Luwin is waiting for them as they exit the crypts with a message of Ned’s death.

Catelyn and Robb go into the woods outside of the stark encampment, to conceal their reaction to Ned’s Death.

Marillion the bard is performing a song he wrote about Roberts death and insulting the Queen in front of Joffrey and the court. Joffrey asks Marillion what would he prefer to lose, his hands or his tongue. Taking delight in terrifying the bard and pressuring him to answer which would he like to lose. Marillion loses his tongue to Joff’s justice. Joff is now more like the Mad King now with his attempts to rule. He takes Sansa to see the heads of her father and her household. He delights in abusing Sansa emotionally as well as physically when he has Trant of the Kingsguard beat her. Just as Sansa is about to push Joff off the walk way, the hound stops her to give her a handkerchief to wipe the blood from her face. One of the first acts of kindness and consideration he shows Sansa.

Robb and his counsel discuss possible options, whether to declare for Stannis or Renly. The great John declares Robb the only king he will bow too, calling him the King in the North, and others start to pledge their fealty to their new king. Theon makes a vow to Robb, declaring his brother now and always swearing this sword and life is Robbs in victory or defeat from this day until his last day. A oath and vow he would later break.

Catelyn is on her way to see Jaime to get him to confess to throwing Bran from the tower but cannot elicit a reason why did it.

Cersei is with a naked Lancel Lannister, showing she isn’t loyal to Jaime as he is to her. Cersei is reading the lettter of Jaime’s capture by the Starks.

In Tywin’s tent his counsel reacts to the capture of Jaime, realizing that Robb now has the advantage with Stannis and Renly also taking up arms against the Lannisters. With Ned dead, they no longer have an option to sue for peace because of the fool notions of the boy king Joffrey. Tywin impressed by observations of Tyrion about their situation, and has Tyrion go to kings landing in Tywin’s stead as hand of the king. Tyrion is now the only hope for Tywin now. Tywin forbids Tyrion taking Shae to court.

Dany awakes to find her son died, and Drogo lives. She realizes that Mirri Maz Duur betrayed her. She traded her son’s life for Drogo’s, then has Drogo’s life (as well as her own and MMD) to pay for the life of her dragons. She learns from MMD what life is worth when what you loved is gone.

At Castle Black, Jon is about ride south join Robb in his war, deserting the watch.

Tyrion tells Shae about his father’s command about her. He and Shae both realize that Tyrion is ashamed of her. He tells her he is going to bring her anyways despite his fathers command. Shae realizing what that means goes to Tyrion.

Pip, Grenn and Sam chase after Jon to remind him that they are his brothers now, and of his oath. Sam gives Jon Longclaw and he heads back to Castle Black. 

Dany tries to get Drogo to give her a sign that he is in there some where but received none. She smothers Drogo, killing him.

Pycelle explains to naked and washing Ros, what it means to serve 3 kings. He is shown not to be a feeble old man, that he is putting on a act for everyone. He say’s the house words of the Targaryens, Fire and Blood.

Littlefinger and Varys declare their mutual admiration for each other. Varys says the house words of the Mormonts: Here we Stand.

Yoren brings Arya to the recruits he’s mustered, calling her Arry the orphan warning that half of them would turn her in for a pardon and the other half would rape her first before turning her in. Hotpie try’s to take Arya’s sword, only to be bullied right back by Arya. Arya meets Gendry. Yoren says the words of House Stark: Winter is Coming.

Lord Commander Mormont tells Jon Snow he knows about his attempt to desert. Jon shocked and terrified, learns that the watch does not behead everyone who runs off for a day. He tells Jon Snow about the war they face at the wall, that their war is more important then the one in the south. That he intends to ride out in force to meet the threat of the wildlings or white walkers.

Drogo’s Funeral Pyre, Dany intends to burn the dragon eggs, herself and MMD, in something akin to madness of belief that she will bring about something. She free’s her slaves and those who remain will be her khalasar. Some leave and some stay. They bind MMD to the pyre. She lights the fire and walks into the flames.

I noticed that the shape of the pyre is similar to that of the patterns the white walkers do with the bodies they leave behind, the shape of the pyre is shown a lot as well.

Dany gets vengeance, justice, fire and blood from her sacrifices, she hatches 3 dragons, the first in centuries. Jorah calls her blood of my blood, swearing himself blood rider to her as well as her sworn sword. Her khalasar bows to her, Daenerys Stormborn, the unburnt, Mother of Dragons.


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