The Dresden Files: Deadbeat

I just got the audiobook downloaded from Audible around 9pm today and it’s already has me gripped and obsessively listening to it, as well as enjoying every bit of it.

James Marsters is an incredibly good narrator. His delivery of the following text is what got me to write this post, as I had to stop for a few minutes for a break for a drink anyways.

I mean, we’re all going to die. We know that on an intellectual level. We figure it out sometime when we’re still fairly young, and it scares us so badly that we convince ourselves we’re immortal for more than a decade afterward.

Death isn’t something anyone likes to think about, but the hard, cold fact is that you can’t get out of it. No matter what you do, how much you exercise, how religiously you diet, or meditate, or pray, or how much money you donate to your church, there is a single hard, cold fact that faces everyone on earth. One day, it’s going to be over. One day, the sun will rise, the world will turn, people will go about their daily routine—only you won’t be in it. You’ll be still. And cold.

And despite every religious faith, the testimony of near-death eyewitnesses, and the imaginations of storytellers throughout history, death remains the ultimate mystery. No one truly, definitively knows what happens after. And that’s assuming there is an after. We all go there blind to whatever is out there in the darkness beyond.


You can’t escape it.




That’s a bitter, hideously concrete fact to endure…

Such a great quote about death and what it means for you and how little it means for the rest of the world. I had to make a post about it as I enjoy having something intriguing to think about like this.

I was already on the mindset from yesterday, I was checking out the superhero origins youtube playlist from an earlier post and watched the one for The Crow. They got me thinking about the quote from the movie said by Top Dollar, some wisdom from his father.

childhood is over the moment you know you’re gonna die.

It was intriguing to me to have come across 2 separate quotes from different mediums, in different contexts, and in different genres about death. And it got me thinking about my own views, as well as another post of mine from the game of thrones rewatch musings of mine. About Renly’s peach and Stannis’ reaction to it.

How sometimes we are so caught up in complete bullshit we forget to enjoy and recognize the simple pleasures in the world around us or even the people around us that can offer us great friendship or companionship.

I am random like that.

Anyways, enough random musing about death, I am going to listen to the excellent narration of The Dresden Files: Deadbeat.


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