Dragon Age: Inquisition Has 40 Different Endings, Won’t Have DLC Companions

Obvious stuff aside, has no one at Bioware leaned the lessons from ME3? At least there is a forum post from some one at bioware about there being very few unique endings. But seriously, their marketing/pr people should be at least look at the backlash from ME3 and rein in statements like that.

I am happy to hear about no companion DLC, and it being a design choice and not a marketing one. That is good to hear, Shale/Javik/Zaeed/Kasumi were all very good but they were most definitely money grabs. So its very good that there will be no companion DLC. Its worth noting that there is no mention of no day 1 dlc however, which is troubling.

I guess you can’t expect everything, and the reality is that this is baby steps for bioware. I just hope they’ve learned from the ME3 backlash and are not going to blindly make the same mistakes.

Either way, I will still maintain my wait and see approach, my expectations will be low, and I will have no preconceptions about it being a dragon age game. Meaning, I am not expecting Origins and not going to immediately cast aside this game as a disappointment because of DA2.

So, your move Bioware.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Has 40 Different Endings, Won’t Have DLC Companions


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