Dragon Age: Inquisition to Have 40 Different Endings – Update

A nice post that sums up the various marketing points out there now about Dragon Age Inquisition. I like the community response of the people behind it on the forums, it shows that some one cares enough not to let some marketing person trump up things too much and oversell/overhype their game. That’s a plus to me, it shows they are willing to be honest with the fans and that there is no companion DLC is also a plus for the same reason.

I am sure there will be Day 1 DLC of some kind but at least it won’t be a character of significance with the sole purpose of charging 9.99$ on top of buying the game. It will probably be some character mission or some random dungeon or gear for 9.99$ or the dreaded 14.99$

Either way, honesty upfront goes a long way to rebuilding trust which bioware has in short supply.

I really hope they do an ultimate edition thing that bundles all the DLC eventually like DA:O did. Not the nickel and diming they did with ME 2+3 and DA2.

So far they really have listened to what people griped about and done something about it, which is good but I am still on wait and see mode. They have fooled me once with ME3 endings, and I don’t want to be fooled again.

Dragon Age: Inquisition to Have 40 Different Endings – Update


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