Civilization 5

I finally got around to playing it with Brave New World installed, and it still totally eats my day with how fun it is. I like the changes and the new Civs but I all I can think about is how cool would it be to have a A Song of Ice and Fire game like CIv or a decent mod for Civ5.

Before anyone tells me there is a couple, I mean some good ones that aren’t buggy or crash your games.

I’d settle for a westeros and essos map with the narrow sea really but its still hard to find one that isn’t some one trying too hard to make it “the” asoiaf mod.

I think the expansion makes the late game a lot more interesting with the world congress and the changes that make it possible to win a real cultural victory. I like the changes and I am pretty sure I’ve gotten more than my moneys worth with Civ5 and it’s still the best way to spend a lazy day.


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