Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Definitely a lot better, the loot system is nice and the differences between the difficulties are clearly stated.

I was so undergeared and decided to try torment out anyways, I could passably do it with a lot of deaths but dropping down the difficulty to master made it the tiniest bit easier. I also tried expert, which is one below master, and it was pretty easy. I will try master difficulty until I get some good gear.

I’m not sure exactly what they changed for the demon hunter but whatever they did worked wonders, my DH does not feel so bad to play like before (pre 2.0) and is a lot more fun to play as a result.

Leveling is easier and I think I will be trying out a new class, maybe the crusader or a mage.

Was worth the 39.99$ and I am satisfied with the purchase.


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