Game of Thrones

A lot of uproar about yesterday’s Game of Thrones, which is a shame really because it was good episode. Tywin and Tommen, The Hound and Arya, Pod and Tyrion, Daenerys and Mereen, and why the Wildlings are feared.

Its odd to me that we can have a show with incest, murder, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and torture but rape is where the line is drawn?

The whole series has elements that make it dark and horrible things happen and it’s not worthy of outrage until its put on TV?

It’s straight up rape in the books, Jaime takes Cercei against her will during her period right next the corpse of their bastard son, she gives in eventually but really its still rape. It’s still wrong. It’s still very bad. It’s still abhorrent. It’s Jaime doing it, the man that threw Bran from a window in winterfell, who lied to his brother about his wife and destroyed his marriage, attacked Ned Stark and started a war, and all with a smug attitude.

Jaime is a bad man and a bad knight, his arc is not one of redemption but humanization. He starts to realize that his actions hurt people and his vows mean something. He cannot be redeemed for all the things he’s done, he can only try to make something better for himself and others with the time he has left. But that isn’t the case either, it’s just for his own amusement, Jaime only decides to look for Sansa after he realizes that people expect him to betray that vow and in keeping it what would people say about him then and the realization amuses him. He names his sword, Ice reforged, into Oathkeeper, and notes the irony of it, the Stark’s own family sword in service of a knight to search for and protect Sansa Stark.

I also think the show made it black and white, it is clear cut rape (which is bad, abhorrent, and wrong in case people think I am arguing it isn’t, which I am not) but in the books Cersei wants him but just not in a place where people could see. Thus avoiding an even larger backlash of trying to portray it as not rape because Cercei relents and wants it. I think it’s a good decision because they avoid the whole is it rape or not rape situation, he takes her against her will and its rape and much more horrible. He rapes his sister next to the corpse of his bastard son that they raised into a monster.

It is a character moment for him, maybe in the next episode he will realize he is bad man and a bad knight and try to be more moral and just in the future for it.

If you are the sort that cannot stand for that sort of thing, maybe the series and the show aren’t for you, and you should stop watching if it bothers you that much. The show runners, hbo, the actors, the writers, GRRM aren’t responsible for anything other than entertainment, they are not trying to send a message that rape is perfectly OK and everyone should do it. They showed it for what it was, a horrible act that cannot be defended in any way.

Rape is horrible, taking anyone against their will is horrible and repugnant, there is no place for it in our society, it is a crime, and it is reprehensible. No one is saying, “Rape, fuck yeah.” No one is trying to defend it. So it offends that much, don’t watch it. And if it really offends, then perhaps you should of stopped watching way back in season 1 they way the show portrayed Drogo and Daenerys.


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