UFC 174 in 2 weeks

So close now, gonna be bad ass. Definitely something planned out well and a major item completed on my list of things to do this year.


Didn’t really max out engineering but close enough to get the cool little things from engineering. Instead of doing a hard grind for ghost iron and making anvils, I am gonna make some of the scopes and other things that require spirits of harmony to max out engineering.

So about 2 days of on and off again mining to get from 0 to 570 engineering. Pretty cool.


So it only took a couple days to get mats for power leveling engineering in a couple of days. I didn’t have any other toons with that as a profession and it seemed to go well with my monk.

I think it’s pretty cool that things are a lot more accessible now than it was before. It’s been 2 years since I was last up on things in WoW and its really cool to be able to get professions leveled as well as gearing up quickly.

Its driven home pretty well that no other mmo has really came close to challenging WoW in any way, especially with newer mmo’s coming out. The Elder Scrolls Online, Wild Arms, and H1Z1 all are coming out soon and all are looking impressive. Yet, right now WoW is fitting the bill nicely.


So in the next couple weeks, a group of 5 of us should be starting up on some dungeon challenges. We aiming to get get the gold rating to get the transmog gear and the other achievements related to the challenges.

Should be fun and challenging.