The Witcher 2.

A really good game, tells a much better story than Dragon Age 2 did (is subjective and strictly my opinion as well, agree or not) and really delivers on a satisfying ending. I chose Roche’s path and saved Anais the first time, and the second one I chose to save Triss, both have their consequences and there isn’t really a clear cut “good” or “bad” ending. And yet is remains pretty satisfying to do.

I will do another playthrough but this time I will side with Iorveth and the Scoia’tael to see how it plays out. I identified more with the Scoia’tael in both witcher games but sided against them for various reasons, the first game was to stick to pretty strict Witcher Neutrality and the second was because I liked Roche and his special forces squad.

I’d like to add that I am not one to say which game or series is better between the Witcher and Dragon Age but I can say without question that I liked the story in the Witcher games a lot more than I did in the Dragon Age games. However, Bioware games are all about companions, dialogue and romance, and in that regard it is superior to the Witcher. If anything, the contrast made me appreciate both games a little bit more. An added side effect, I am a little more inclined to buy Dragon Age: Inquisition on release rather than wait for a sale, odd as it may seem because one has nothing to do with the other, it just made me think of why I play RPG’s and the decision seemed pretty clear.


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