RPS Asks: Why And How Often Do You Finish Games? | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

An interesting article, I really like the book analogy. I play games to experience a good story or to “interact” with interesting characters. I finish games because I enjoy the experience so much I play it through to the end. However, there is another aspect of this analogy I like, there will be some books you read more than once just like some games you will play and finish more  than once. Meaning, you take enjoyment and satisfaction from rereading or replaying so much that despite knowing exactly what’s going to happen you do it anyways because it is satisfying to do it.

If some one asked me a few months ago (8 or 9 months maybe), Do you finish games? Is it a problem that you or others don’t? I can honestly say that my abrasive nature and argumentative demeanor would have grilled and prodded until I got an answer. Back then I finished games because I just did, why buy it if you aren’t going to finish it? Now I can say it is more about the experience and journey not obsessing over the end. And back then, I would have been captious, marked by an often ill-natured inclination to stress faults and raise objections, in my questioning of whom ever was unfortunate enough to answer me. Now, I would just nod my head and tell who ever that you could be missing out on a good experience/story. It would not bother me in the slightest, why? because I have my own back log of games I have yet to start and finish. I get it now, there is such a huge time investment to gaming to the point where some people feel ashamed about admitting they game. That is another issue, not one relevant to this article though. This is about why and how often do you finish games.

Just recently, I finished The Witcher Enhanced Edition and imported that save into The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition, and enjoyed the shit out of it. I loved the story and thought the characters were interesting/compelling enough to do another playthrough taking the opposite side to see how things play out.

As to how often I finish games though, that depends on how invested I am into the story. For games like RPG’s and Story driven games, I play until I am finished. For fighting games like Street Figher or Tekken, I usually finish with as many characters that interest me but rarely play again unless with friends. So the answer would be often and obsessive-compulsively.

I really like character and story, so much so that gameplay or graphics don’t even matter, and that means I play and finish games because I enjoy it. I get a satisfaction from it. It’s pleasing to play and finish a game with a good story and good characters.

RPS Asks: Why And How Often Do You Finish Games? | Rock, Paper, Shotgun


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