Alia Hawke Dragon Age 2

My Hawke, there are many like her but this one is mine.

I like the mage abilities in Dragon Age 2, they really feel like you have enormous destructive potential and are feared by many for a reason.

This will be my second playthrough, this time a sarcastic but charming Mage. Probably try to not kill Fenris at the end of the game this time. As for the romance, I think I’ll go with Isabella. Anders will most definitely get stabbed though.

I also feel that maybe with another year in development that Dragon Age 2 would been a worthy successor that would have met most of expectations placed on it after DA:O. Instead we got a money grab by some dumb rule that EA franchises need yearly game releases to be successful or profitable.

Man that turned into a rant pretty quick.

Ah well, at least Dragon Age: Inquisition won’t have same problem of such a short development time and looks like bioware is shaping up to win back some of people that felt slighted by being disappointed with DA2 or the ME3 ending debacle.


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