Audiobooks this month.

My 2 audible credits went through this month, I decided to pick up the Dresden Files short stories compilation “Side Jobs" by Jim Butcher and narrated by James Marsters. The second audiobook I picked up is Stephen King’s "Salem’s Lot" narrated by Ron McLarty.

I was definitely going to pick up "Side Jobs" because its the last of the Dresden Files books left for me, all of which have been good books and narrated excellently by James Marsters.

I decided to go with "Salem’s Lot" because I’ve been going back through the Dark Tower audiobooks and wanted to go into deeper detail of Callahan’s character and I really like stories about or dealing with vampires.

Next month the choices are more up in the air, I’ll have 2 credits to spend on anything I like. I may go deeper into the Dark Tower related books or get back into the Dune series with "Messiah” and “Children of Dune.” 

Anyways, downloading “Side Jobs" and "Salem’s Lot" right now and will immediately get back into the Dresden Files related short stories when its done downloading.


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