Blade 2

Just got through watching it, I think this was the first Guillermo Del Toro directed movie I seen and was impressed with. I liked that it was distinct enough to stand on its own as a movie and not Blade more of the same 2.

i liked that each vampire had their own personalities and quirks. Loved Ron Perlman as Rienhart and his rivalry with Blade. I liked Norman Reedus as Skud as well and that his betrayal was hinted at throughout the movie.

Its probably the best of the Blade movies, admittedly that is not saying a lot since the 3rd one was pretty bad. The First Blade movie really paved the way for marvel super hero movies and I thought it was well done. Still, Blade 2 I thought was better than the first, it had some humor and well hidden references (loved the Doom like intro and Doom inspired music) as well as Vampires that are predatory yet still human like.

I have a huge “soft spot” for almost anything vampire related (except twilight, never seen and don’t care to either) so my view is kinda skewed for decent vampire movies or books.

Getting back to Guillermo Del Toro though, I was really looking forward to his game inSANE and was extremely disappointed when THQ went under and put his planned game in kind of a deadzone.


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