Shadowrun Returns.

I just started it up last night going through all the different classes in the intro to see what archetype I’d like and went with the Mage. Mostly due to the Dresden Files, I went with a female elf mage with Dresden like leanings for a outlook on life and the types of choices I might make.

I am still near the beginning but I really like how the spells are set up and the fire spells really feel like they do a lot of damage. My focus is going to be fire and lightning spells, a healing spell, and a CC/disabling spell. I am focusing on Willpower, Body, and Quickness for the main attributes and Spellcasting and dodge for the skills and specializations. If I have points to spare I think I’ll put them into Charisma and Intelligence. I am unsure if I want to multiclass adept or not but it’s extremely tempting to do, I rather like the idea of secondary melee specialization to back up my spellcasting.

I named my character Leanna, I was going to do an anagram of the Leanansidhe (Dresden’s fairy god-mother) but settled for something that just alludes to it.


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