New game this week.

I just got Splinter cell Blacklist in the mail today, picked it up at for 25$. The only downside is that I forgot how many triple A releases have multigigabyte patches. Splinter Cell Blacklist is no exception, I had to download, very slowly because my internet is shit, no less than 4 patches just to play it. It makes zero sense, steam/origin/gog all have it all in one for patches but uplay doesn’t. It was frustrating because after the second patch I thought I’d finally be able to play Blacklist (because the first patch was 900 megs and the second 890 megs, which took me about 7 hours to download) only to have it go update again. This time it was a 496meg patch, which took me about 3 and half hours to download which led to another disappointment because there was yet another patch to download (this time 450megs.) So after downloading for another 3 hours, I am installing the final patch.

Its totally not the best way to get started with a game, left a bad impression for ubisoft and uplay (which is pretty bad already compared to steam and even origin.)

I’ve also ordered Assassin’s Creed 4 Blackflag, which the delivery day estimate is some time this week. Hopefully there are no multi-fucking-gigabyte patches for that.

So for the next few days, maybe even a week, I will be playing the shit out of the following games:

  • Shadowrun Returns: Just about finished it, but still have a bit to go with it.
  • Splinter Cell Blacklist: I think i may wait a day or so to play it because I don’t want my first impression to be negative due to the horrible implementation of the patches. However, I enjoyed Conviction and I think I won’t be disappointed with this game either.
  • Assassin’s Creed 4:  due to arrive sometime this week and really looking forward to this game, I am contrary to most in that I loved AC3 which most people hated on for what ever reasons. I loved the ship combat and free roaming aspects that 3 had. It felt like a more involved Skyrim-esque game than the usual assassins creed games. Because of that, I think I am going to really enjoy AC4.
  • The Wolf Among Us: I’ve heard good things about this one and really looking forward to the story.

If I go to already less than daily posts, this post will explain why. Really looking forward to these games.


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