Possible Audiobooks from Audible this month.

So after checking out this reddit thread from the asoiaf subreddit (totally going to be spoilers for A Song of Ice and Fire series/Game of Thrones in that subreddit so careful if you haven’t read or watched or both), I have a pretty good list of books to choose from for the next couple of months and longer (until The Winds of Winter comes out or a new Dresden Files):

The First Law Trilogy and related books by Joe Aubercrombie. I was really impressed and enjoyed his short story “Some Desperado” in the Dangerous Women Anthology (that also got me into the dresden files with the Jim Butcher short story “Bombshells”.) And after reading some recommendations from the dark tower and asoiaf subreddits, I thought why not give a go.

The Dune books, I’ve read them up until Children of Dune and I really liked the audiobook for Dune, so naturally I’d like to check the books up to God Emperor of Dune at least.

The Hunger Games Trilogy, I am curious about them and would like to check out the books.

And finally, the Dark Tower related books. For obvious reasons, this blogs name is the clearing at the end of the path.

Right now I’m leaning heavily towards checking out the First Law trilogy and related books because of the quality of the short story “Some Desperado.” It could be any of the books I’ve listed but right now its leaning towards Joe Aubercrombie books.


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