Splinter Cell Blacklist

I’ve done every available side mission and trying the campaign with the Ghost approach, stealthing past hostiles and non lethal takedowns, its fun and challenging.

I think I’ll replay some of these missions after the campaign missions to try and it with other approaches, because panther and assault are way too fun not to try.

Although, those replays might be after I get through Assassin’s Creed 4: Black flag. Which means I need to finish Blacklist first.

So far the game has been insanely fun, I liked Splinter Cell Conviction and this one is not just more of the same with a new story but an interesting story with better gameplay options. I also liked being able to customize my loadouts for my style of play.

For the voice acting, I prefered Michael Ironside’s as Sam Fisher but Eric Johnson does a pretty good job.


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