AC4: Black Flag

The ship battles and taking the forts are pretty cool and as a result it’s kinda weird I like the side activities or side missions more than the main quest stuff. I’m just doing the main quest type stuff to unlock the rest of the map and areas.

I’m enjoying the grinding type activities as well, capturing ships/forts/hunting and getting materials to upgrade my ship/estate/character.

I still wish that ubisoft would just ditch the modern day part of the story but I can understand that it’s just part of the series right now and not something they can just cut out.

This was totally worth the 17.99$ i got it for from

I’ll probably go back to Splinter Cell Blacklist after Farcry 3 (which I’ll play after I’m done with AC4.) As an update to my blacklist posts, ubisoft support is drawing a blank on what to do, so I’m just gonna play it unpatched and offline when I get around to it.


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