No Bioware points for Dragon Age Inquisition for the PC or Mac

Thread where it’s announced, it summed up by DA:I (and I’m guessing future bioware titles) will not be using bioware points for DLC. I think this is a good idea on bioware points but its kind of half assed because its only Inquisition so far. I’m sure future bioware games will be using origin and cash for dlc instead of the buying bioware points and going to bioware’s site to do it.

I’d like to this extended to their other games like DA2, Mass Effect 2 and 3. If those were set in dollars and affected by sales, I’d most likely pick up DLC for ME 2 and 3, and possibly even for DA2 (I’m thinking legacy and mark of the assassin.)

Hopefully it will be extended to those games soon. Either way its a good idea for Bioware for their future games.


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