UFC FN50 – Souza vs Mousasi

A rare friday card today, a great card and a good main event. My picks for tonight are Mousasi, Lauzon, and Overeem.

I hate to see either Jacare or Mousasi lose tonight but I really want to see Mousasi go on a run for the title this year. Although, I could also see Jacare make a title run but I think Mousasi is a better matchup for Wiedman.

Lauzon is one of my favorite fighters and I’d like to see him get a win in his typical fight of the night or submission of the night fashion.

Overeem had so much potential but he got derailed pretty hard by “Big Foot” Silva when Silva figured out a gameplan to expose Overeems weakness. That being his Cardio and tendency to putter out as the rounds go by. Overeem has worked fixing that with mixed results but I really want to see him get into a possible fight against either Cain Velasquez or Fabricio Werdum, who ever is champ after UFC 180.


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