Angel Season 1

That was a really good season, especially considering how rough season 1 was of Buffy. I really did not remember the overall season being that good but it really did nail a lot of elements I like. It had character moments with Buffy and Angel, Angelus, Angel’s struggles with humanity, cool characters like Lindsay/Lilah/Doyle/Gunn, and Faith’s turnaround.

My favorite episodes in the season are:

  • “I will Remember You" episode 8
  • "Hero" episode 9
  • "Somnambulist" episode 11
  • "Five by Five" episode 18
  • "Sanctuary" episode 19
  • "Blind Date” episode 21
  • “To Shanshu in L.A." episode 22

It was pretty cool to see Jeremy Renner as Angel’s protege and Christina Hendricks as the Barmaid for the flash backs to Angel’s past as a human.

Season 1 was a really good one, now onto season 2. 


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