The Long Dark

I am totally not disappointed at all, it was well worth the 19.99$ I spent for it a couple months ago and it was totally worth the wait.

I spent a couple hours with it today and was impressed with the survival aspects immediately. Hunger and Thirst, Fatigue, and the Cold felt oppressive and it felt like a real accomplishment to beat them for awhile. The wolves are hard to deal with and I’ve just been avoiding them as much as I can.

From what I’ve experienced, a good hatchet for collecting firewood, a knife for butchering animals, water bottles, and lots of firewood are what is desired most. I found I could survive pretty well with just those things used when needed. I was scavenging for food when I came across some deer carcasses and got the majority of my food from, I used my firewood to make a fire and then melt then boil snow into drinkable water. And then my hatchet wore out and I had to explore the area to scavenge more supplies to keep living. Sadly, it did not go well as I got attacked by a wolf but managed to kill it but injured me and I had to spend some time healing disinfecting then bandaging my wounds. I lost a bunch of time doing that and I was nearly starving and freezing to death, so I had to build a fire with what little firewood I had and cook up some wolf meat. I ended up getting food poisoning and nothing I could do about it. So I died. I lasted about 2 days and 14 hours, that was my best survival time so far.

I think the game is fun, challenging and a nice change up from zombie based survival games that have half assed pvp components. I will definitely play a bunch more tonight and see if I can beat the 2 and half days I did earlier.


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