Audiobooks for September.

So my 2 audible credits are in today and I used them to pick up 2 more Joe Abercrombie books:

Downloading both now and can’t wait to listen to them. I was really impressed with and enjoyed the “First Law” trilogy, and I really like Abercrombie’s ability to tell a story and have interesting/compelling characters (Sand dan Glokta, Bayaz, Logen Ninefingers, and Ferro Maljinn in particular.)

On a related note, I just finished my re-listen to The Dresden Files, from book 4 “Summer Knight” to book 15 “Skin Game.” Which is probably no surprise with crazy amount of Dresden Files quotes I’ve been putting out there (which will probably become more of a trickle than torrent it is now.)

Next month I think I’ll end up picking up Red Country and World War Z (despite being abridged, I’ve heard some good thing about the audiobook, and check out dat cast.)


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