Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie

That was the best revenge story I have listened to or read or (comparatively) watched. There is no movie or an episode in a show on TV that has even come close to the enjoyment of a story of revenge like this and no story of revenge from any book or comic or graphic novel that even comes close to how I felt listening to the story of “Best Served Cold” unfold.

The story and characters are great, and they both develop with interesting turns as the story comes to a close.

The narration by Michael Page was ok, although I prefered the narration that was done for the first 3 books in the First Law Trilogy by Steven Pacey.

It was also a nice touch to have characters like Shylo Vitari, Nicomo Cosca, Caul Shivers, and Carlot dan Eider in the story as well. I liked the appearances of Yoru Sulfur and Jezal dan Luthar as well as the references to Sand dan Glokta, Bayaz, Ferro Maljinn, and the Bloody-Nine Logen Ninefingers.

It was definitely worth binging on these last few days and now I am onto the next book in the series “The Heroes.”


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