Angel Season 5

I just finished watching “You’re Welcome”, which puts me about halfway season 5, and I am reminded how well done the season is. After “You’re Welcome” the season really starts to rush towards the end. If I may repeat myself from a previous post, it really ends on a satisfying note, something that very few shows get to do.

I’ll probably limit myself to 2 episodes per day until “Not Fade Away” just so I can stretch out the enjoyment.


Salem’s Lot – Stephen King

With Halloween coming up I decided to do a re-listen to Salem’s Lot. Because Vampires. And it’s really good. Take that look off your face, it is good.

Plus, it’s a good setup for Joe Hill’s (King’s son) “Horns” and “The Heart Shaped Box.” Both of which I got on sale for 13.95$ total from Audible.

Old Man’s War – John Scalzi

Yep, reddit is definitely 2 for 2 with book recommendations. Old Man’s War is really good and I like me some militaristic Sci Fi. I can’t wait to get in to the rest of the series.

November 24th will be a good day, I’ll use my 2 audible credits I get that day for the next 2 books in the Old Man’s War series which is “The Ghost Brigades” and “The Last Colony.”

I’ll also definitely start to read up on other reddit book recommendations from the various subreddits I lurk around on.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Okay, I heard the game was good but that really understated how well done it is. Firstly, it runs very smoothly on my PC (AMD FX 8350 and a AMD 7970) and looks great. Secondly, no extended tutorial and it is handled extremely well. Thirdly, the Nemesis system (seriously good.) Lastly, the combat is good and there are a variety of enemies. Dispatching enemies is left up to the player without trying to shoehorn a specific approach.

The death mechanic is nice, each time you die one of the captains you are looking for gets stronger.

I can tell already that it was definitely worth the 54.99$ CAD.

Anyway, I told people a whole year before I left that I was going. That’s a lot of time to say what you have to say, to settle matters and to make your peace with someone. Over the course of the year, I had a few sit-downs with old friends and family and did a final poking of old wounds and ashes; in nearly every case it ended well. A couple of times I asked forgiveness for things I didn’t particularly feel sorry about, and in one case I found myself in bed with someone who otherwise I’d rather I hadn’t. But you do what you have to do to give people closure; it makes them feel better and it doesn’t cost you much to do it. I’d rather apologize for something I didn’t really care about, and leave someone on Earth wishing me well, than to be stubborn and have that someone hoping that some alien would slurp out my brains. Call it karmic insurance

John Scalzi, Old Man’s War.