Angel the series season 2

I just finished up season 2 after 12 days, which is a pretty good amount of restraint on my part as I really want to just binge watch every season. I also had the same deal with the comple Buffy series earlier this year. So far I like how I’m doing it, watching 1 to 3 episodes every day which is extremely good for realizing how good the first 2 seasons of Angel were. Which is very impressive because it took 2 seasons for Buffy to hit it’s stride and Angel really hit the ground running.

I really like Season 2 because of the development of a lot of the core characters as well as their Wolfram & Hart counterparts. Angel, Gunn, Wesley, Cordelia and Lorne all take a big steps in their character and become a lot more interesting. Angel’s struggles with people, his feelings for responsibility for Darla, and then his own friends really hammer out the solid points of his character. Lindsay and Lilah definitely develop into solid characters, I especially like them in episode “Dead End.”

I also like season 2 because it’s the introduction of Fred, Gavin, Lorne. All 3 characters I enjoyed to watch and see develop.

Starting on season 3 tomorrow evening.


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