Survived for 41 days 6 hours and 46 minutes in The Long Dark.

For last 10 days straight I was living by scavenging meat from deers that wolves killed and I scared them off by throwing flares to get the meat. In between almost freezing to death I barely managed to harvest lumber for fire to cook the meat and boil water for drinking.

This is the longest I’ve been able to survive in The Long Dark and I think I can do 50 days on my next playthrough from learning how long I could survive just from scavenging from the wolves.

I used the 2 story Cabin by the lake as my primary shelter because its central, easy to get to in a hurry, and it has plenty of storage space.

The story mode hasn’t been released yet but just the sandbox survival mode is keeping me entertained and extremely satisfied with my early access. The Long Dark is one of the few games that was worth supporting in early access.


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