An Awesome guide to quickly gearing up a fresh level 90 in WoW

Seen it on r/WoW the other day and used it to quickly gear up my druid for resto.

Fast gearing tips

the gist of it is:

  1. Go to the Timeless Isle: collect chests for tokens for your toon, do quests for an addition token.
  2. Blasted Lands for the quests: for item level 515 ring, neck, cloak, and an item level 520 trinket.
  3. Step 3: ToT LFR, the first part is all you need really, you get access to item level 522 items for gold (since there is no valor anymore.) you can only get 1 ring and trinket since they are unique equipped. you can easily get gear for your offspec here as well as it only costs gold. its around 3400 gold for 1 set. double that for an offspec.
    1. Neck – 220g
    2. Belt – 250g
    3. Gloves – 250g
    4. Wrist – 260g
    5. Ring – 330g
    6. Cloak – 372g
    7. trinket – 430g
    8. chest – 490g
    9. legs – 490g
  4. UBRS: for a chance at a 550 item level ring, necklace, and possibly some other pieces of gear as well depending on your class and spec.
  5. Do some LFR Siege of Orgrimmar

And that’s it, you can probably try out SoO normal runs for the BOA weapon or achievements.


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