Dragon Age: Inquisition Reviews out now

This thread on r/games has a nice little compilation of reviews. Looks like its getting good reviews across the board but it should be noted that DA2 got similar type reviews, one even claiming it as RPG of the decade (and DA2 was a decent game but a letdown compared to DA:O.)

I am still going to hold off on buying until the price is below 69.99$ CAD on sites like amazon.ca/futureshop.ca because I need to get the game on disc still (no fiber optic internet for me yet.)

If there is a release day sale or something that makes its 59.99$ or less I’ll buy it.  I’m willing to wait to play it because there is no way I am paying more than 59.99$ for any game.

With all that said, I’m cautiously optimistic, these reviews could be an indicator of a return to form for Bioware when they were the powerhouse western RPG developer. I’m hoping so because good rpg’s are hard to come by.


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