Warlords of Draenor

So today, I tanked 6/7 Highmaul Heroic bosses on my Death Knight and got really geared out in the process. Earlier in the day, I got my 660 Conquest weapon as well. So a pretty good day for my DK.

I was also able to get a weapon and shield with Conquest points my Shaman and get the bow for my Hunter.

Later in the week I should be able to get the conquest daggers for my Rogue as well.

Pretty eventful day.


Audible update.

I finished listening to Zoe’s Tale in the “Old Man’s War” series and liked it but it was kinda jarring to go from a militaristic/intrigue with a 90 year old man’s perspective to a teenage girl perspective. Although, I liked the Zoe’s part in the story and her thoughts/feelings about being a major sticking point between 2 nations. The Obin, the Consu, the CDF, and the Conclave all made the story for me.

I’m just starting The Human Division (book 5 in the series), about 2 hours into the story, and I’m happy to it back to being a more militaristic sci fi with intrigue and politics. The intro was great and I’m completely hooked into the story now. I am greatly enjoying the series on the whole so far and definitely looking forward to the next book, The End of All Things, which is going to be released in 2015.

I am going to listen to Hearts in Atlantis around new years. I figure getting back into the Dark Tower series during the new year is kinda fitting.

My Dalish Mage, Monzcarro (named from Monzcarro Murcatto from Joe Abercrombie’s book in the First Law series, Best Served Cold.)

So I got DA:Inquisition for christmas and I am impressed so far, although I can understand the harsh criticism so far about the performance and controls now from getting through the introduction. However, graphics/bugs/controls/whatever don’t concern me when I play a game because my only concern is to play through a decent story with interesting characters. And so far, I like what I’ve played through.

Audible for December.

I picked up the next book in the “Old Man’s War” series, Zoe’s Tale, it’s different from the rest of the books along because it’s told from the POV of Zoe, adopted daughter to John Perry and Jane Sagan. Different from the hard military tales of the other books and the intrigue of the last book, although it seems to be telling Zoe’s part of the story during “Last Colony.” So far I am liking it though.

I also picked up a collection of Stephen King short stories that are related to his Dark Tower Series called “Hearts of Atlantis.” I picked it up because I enjoyed Ted Brautigan’s part in final book in The Dark Tower series and I wanted to expand a bit more into the Dark Tower related books King has done.

I’ll be listening to both intently during christmas and into the new year.

He scratched at the scar on his cheek. Ever so gently, just with his fingertips. He winced, scratched harder. And harder still. He stopped himself, hissing through his teeth. Now it itched worse than ever, and hurt into the bargain. He’d yet to work out a way to scratch that itch that didn’t make matters worse.

There’s vengeance for you.

Joe Abercrombie, Best Served Cold