“Time flies, knells call, life passes, so hear my prayer.

Birth is nothing but death begun, so hear my prayer.

Death is speechless, so hear my speech.”

The words drifted away into the haze of green and gold. Roland let them, then set upon the rest. He spoke more quickly now.

“This is Jake, who served his ka and his tet. Say true.

May the forgiving glance of S’mana heal his heart. Say please.

May the arms of Gan raise him from the darkness of this earth. Say please.

Surround him, Gan, with light.

Fill him, Chloe, with strength.

If he is thirsty, give him water in the clearing.

If he is hungry, give him food in the clearing.

May his life on this earth and the pain of his passing become as a dream to his waking soul, and let his eyes fall upon every lovely sight; let him find the friends that were lost to him, and let everyone whose name he calls call his in return.

This is Jake, who lived well, loved his own, and died as ka would have it.

Each man owes a death. This is Jake. Give him peace.”

Stephen King, The Dark Tower

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