Audible for Feb/March.

I’m picking up the first 2 books in the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy today and I’ve also added a couple new series to my must “listen” books: The Border series by Cormac McCarthy, Gone to Texas by Forrest Carter, and the Neuromancer series by William Gibson. A couple of westerns and a cyberpunk trilogy.

I was looking through some good westerns to listen to and came across the Border series by a reddit recommendation and I found out that it was read by Frank Muller, who read the first 3 books (before the revision of the Gunslinger, which is now read by George Guidall) in the Dark Tower series which I adore. I’ve read good things about it and so far reddit has not disappointed yet in the audiobook recommendations. 

For Gone to Texas, I wanted to hear the story of Josey Wales before picking up The blu ray combo for it and Unforgiven. I also wanted to switch genre’s and a good Western sounds fine to me. It will be a nice break from the scifi and fantasy books that dominate my audible library.

As for the Neuromancer series, I was looking for a genre I have no experience in and heard/read good things about cyberpunk books, so I wanted to try it out with the Takeshi Kovacs Trilogy and the Neuromancer Trilogy.

I still have the Farseer trilogy and The Hunger Games to get around to as well.

So I think I’m set on audiobooks for a couple months at least. Next month, I think I’ll end up picking up the 3rd book in the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy and Gone to Texas.


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