Dragon Age: Inquisition

I have played a lot in the last few days and am about the mid point of the game so far, and it’s getting that Dragon Age feeling to it now.

I liked the transition from Haven to Skyhold and enjoyed the little musical part of it. The story really breaks open from there and that is where the game feels like Dragon Age: Origins. I think they did manage to capture the feeling of Origins and that is something I didn’t feel from DA2. Bioware definitely took some steps in the right direction with Inquisition. I liked the interaction with your party and advisors you get at skyhold. Sharing drinks with Iron Bull, pranking people with Sera, Cassandra and Varric interactions, and Cole’s seemingly random acts and what real results are. All of that made it feel like I did when I played Origins.

My only complaint is the missions table, my fault really for not thinking like an obtuse game dev, and the results from missions with the use of Leliana or Josephine or Cullen. Specifically, I did not like that as a Dalish Mage Inquisitor that I could just randomly kill off my entire clan with diplomacy. Ya, I didn’t like that. Anyways, now I have to check what the results are before choosing what I would think is the correct course of action because of Game Dev claptrap.

Other than that, I am liking what was done and am enjoying this game a lot. Next playthrough will be soon and I think I be an Elven Ranger Assassin, male for a romance with Cassandra. I think that means I’ll be Dalish again but that is ok with me because I really like the Dalish, something about them just resonates strongly with me.

“We are the Dalish: keepers of the lost lore, walkers of the lonely path. We are the last of the Elvhenan, and never again shall we submit.” ―The Oath of the Dales.

It’s mostly because of that quote, it’s just all sorts of bad ass.


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