“They tell stories about you, Mister Dresden.”

“It’s all a lie.”

Her teeth gleamed. “Not all of them are bad.”

“Mostly good or mostly bad?”

“Depends on who’s talking. The Sidhe crowd thinks you’re an interesting mortal pet of Mab’s. The vampire wanna-be crowd thinks you’re some kind of psychotic vigilante with a penchant for vengeance and mayhem. Sort of a one-man Spanish Inquisition. Most of the magical crowd thinks you’re distant, dangerous, but smart and honorable. Crooks think you’re a hit man for the outfit, or maybe one of the families back East. Straights think you’re a fraud trying to bilk people out of their hard-won cash, except for Larry Fowler, who probably wants you on the show again.”

I regarded her, frowning. “And what do you think?”

“I think you need a haircut.”

Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files: Summer Knight.

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