Hunger Games Trilogy.

I finished the audiobooks for all 3 the other night, my expectations of a series of young adult novels was considerably low but I was still pleasantly surprised with the quality of the writing and the narration.

I never really got into reading a lot as a kid to a dude in his mid twenties and when I read it mainly due to course work in university. Now that I’m considerably older I read and listen to audiobooks pretty regularly now. I think that if i had books like these to read or listen to when I was younger it would be a real eye opener and I might have started to read more.

With all that said, I was kinda expecting it to be more of the will she or won’t she with Gale and Peeta that was present in the second half of the first book, the slow start of the second book and the end of the last book. I was happy to be  disappointed in that it avoided most of the teenage melodrama romance and it was limited to those small parts of the 3 novels. And admittedly it wasn’t too bad.

I also really like the more military themed 3rd book and liked the rebellion building. It was also decent with the intrigue between the 2 presidents.

Overall, it was worth it, although I will probably avoid other young adult unless it is exceptional in some way.


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