The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

So I found my approach the game to be pretty satisfying, I call it the “Just Be Jules” method. I walk or ride around the country, meeting people and getting into adventures. And then kill monsters and get paid for it.

Definitely the best game I’ve played this year and I don’t think it will be topped by any other game any time soon. And I’m pretty sure I’m not even half way through yet.


Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Totally worth the wait. Liking everything about it so far: the RPG elements (being able to be a combination of Swordsman, Spellcaster, Alchemist is really nice), the story and characters are awesome so far (Charles Dance as the Emperor is great and he’s awesome as a Voice Actor), the combat is fun and still challenging, the environments are large and sprawling filled with a decent amount of monsters/animals/people/villages, and the quests are good. I also like the card game Gwent, its a fun addition to the game.

If i had the bandwidth I’d probably download the free DLC but I don’t and I can’t download anything big until June.

So far, it’s everything I’ve hoped it would be and CD Projekt RED has delivered on everything I’ve expected and then some. CD Projekt RED and Bethesda are the only Devs I’ll have trust in regards to pre-ordering and picking up DLC.

Definitely a good game.

Daniel Cormier and Ryan Bader at post fight press conference

Daniel Cormier and Ryan Bader confrontation at the UFC 187 post fight press conference.

So that looks like it will be an easy fight to sell, I wonder how long it will take to set up that fight. The “easy pay cheque” thing was harsh and a huge burn on Bader. If they do set this fight up, I hope its soon.

Loved Rumble at the end there.

Also, its totally cheque and not check. Ya I said it.

Audible for May.

So on another whim, I totally ditched the idea of the first and third books of the Borders Trilogy, and went with 2 books by Charles Stross, Halting State and Rule 34. Both are cyberpunk and I think I am gonna enjoy both. Hoping for another clutch reddit recommendation from the various subreddits I lurk on.

UFC 187

So I think I am gonna go with Rumble over DC tonight, not sure why because I think DC is the more proven fighter here with solid wins over guys like Josh Barnett, Bigfoot Silva, Big Country Roy Nelson, and Frank Mir. All fighters that have some element they do better than Rumble does, as well as coming off a loss to Jones that has motivated DC to what it really means to fight for a title. Still, I think Rumble takes this tonight.

I’m disappointed that Rose “Thug” Namajunas’ fight got pulled tonight due her opponent being deemed medically unfit to fight due to illness. I really wanted to see her with a convincing win to get title shot against Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

I think Arlovski, Cerrone, and Dong Hyun Kim also gets wins tonight.

In the Wiedman vs Belfort fight, I honestly don’t know who will win, Weidman won very impressively over Lyoto Machida but in the last 3 years he’s only fought 3x, 2 of those against Anderson Silva. Meaning he’s not a very consistent champion and that he has more than few question marks about him.

With Vitor, it’s hard to say what will happen as he even less consistent over the years and he has a dark cloud over most of his wins due to TRT and other PED over his long career.

So even if Vitor or Weidman wins very convincingly tonight, it will just raise more questions than answers. 

Hunger Games

So I’ve been rewatching the series the last couple days as well as checking out the special feature making of documentaries. A nice detail I noticed was that all The Hunger Games movies used 87eleven for the stunts/action/fighting sequences. 87eleven did the great fight sequences in John Wick and The Wolverine, 2 movies I really like. The special features on the Hunger Games are great, they go into awesome detail with the making of the movies as well as lot of information because each doc is like 2 hours plus. Making it totally worth picking up on blu ray.

The special features also highlights, and hammers home, how well adapted the movies are from the books.