The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

So I finally got around to watching it on blu ray, and I gotta say it has adapted the book pretty well for film. 

The director of the film is Francis Lawrence, who directed one my most liked movies which is Constantine, definitely did good work adapting the book to film

They definitely cut a lot of the character moments for a lot of characters, mainly Cinna and the other capitol characters, as well as the nightmare/ptsd for Katniss. However, they also added some nice details you could only guess happened because the story in the books is all from Katniss’ POV, like the Plutarch behind the scenes (in the book at least) playing Snow and the Capitol as well building of the Mockingjay Icon/symbol. The unrest in the districts is also hinted at and shown pretty well in the film.

The blu ray also came with a pretty decent “making of” Documentary which was pretty impressive in the amount of detail and insight it presents. Most special features top out at around 20 to 30mins, and the Catching Fire “making of” is about 2 ½ hours long which is impressive and its pretty well done. The making of documentary shows how much thought and work was done adapting the book to film and keeps it very entertaining the whole time.

Having “read” (listened to, audiobooks are great) the books recently, everything is still pretty fresh in my mind and I am impressed that the movie was able to convey most of the iconic moments and the spirit of the books. Thinking back, I think I was a bit unfair to the series because I have this weird personal thing about not liking things aimed at kids or young adults and I did not give the books enough credit for being a decent sci-fi series with some good issues to think about and being able to do that still while being aimed at the young adult audience.

Mockingjay part 1 should be here this week some time and I’m looking forward to seeing how good it’s adapted as well.


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