Waiting for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

So, Day 2 since release and I am totally not playing because my bandwidth for the month was used up updating fucking GTA V and the physical copy i was going to use to install the game hasn’t arrived yet. It should be here in the next few days, I hope at least. Even if I hadn’t used up all my bandwidth for the month on GTA V, I would have used it all on the at least 25gb download for the Witcher 3.

When it does get here, I plan to play as much as possible.

While I am waiting, however, I have been looking to various graphic novels and trade paperbacks to read. Right now my eye is on 2 Black Widow trade paperbacks:  The Things They Say About Her and Homecoming, both written by Richard K. Morgan (author of the Takeshi Kovacs Trilogy.) The other series I was looking into is the Fables Series by Bill Willingham, as a 20+ series of books its definitely something I can spread out over a year of reading which is a big bonus for me giving me something to read again. I plan to pick up either the Black Widow stuff, if I can find a site or local shop that has them in stock to sell as a reasonable price. If not, then I am gonna pick up 2 books each month, at least to start, of the Fables series. I expect that I will not be able to get the 2 Black Widow trade paperbacks because they are out of stock in nearly every site I’ve found and the sellers on the amazon marketplace are charging 90$+ for one book and over 130$+ for the other as well as 6.50$ each for delivery. Which makes it unlikely as an option for this month. 

Also, lots of Diablo 3 and rewatching the Hunger Games 1-3.

Anyways that’s what I’ve been doing to try to cope with not being able to play The Witcher 3.


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