Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

So the big drama of no people of color in the game is a complete sham really. Its just smokescreen so people have something to talk about and take aim at an easy target. I think its just symptom of outrage and overreaction that plagues the internet because of easy dissemination of ideas and feelings. That does have it’s advantages at times but it also is huge problem as well because it just boils down to inciting a mob and witch hunting.

The drama about no people of color is a non-issue to me. I’m a First Nation’s person living Canada, I’ve experienced racism first hand and a lot despite Canada being praised for being multicultural (it is for most but not if a person of First Nations descent, you can disagree with me here but you’d be 100% wrong.) How does this apply to the no people of color in the witcher? Simple really, The Witcher 3 is a product of Polish Culture and then used in a Fantasy Setting. There are dragons, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Werewolves, Succubi, Vampires, and a ton of other monsters. They even have a nation of non white people famous for their alchemy and warrior women, Zerrikania. So I think the whole sham criticism and complaint is bunk because of that fact. But, if you are still outraged, the game is an expression of Polish culture, by trying to sling shit like it being racist, is to deny a people their Culture/heritage and identity simply because it doesn’t fit into your own views or ideals. I have some experience with people that would like to deny culture, language, and heritage. Let me tell you that it’s dehumanizing and insulting to the very core of your being. It’s something that I would not wish on anyone or any people. And by making the claim that developers be shamed (or criticized) for making a game that expresses a unique heritage and culture because it doesn’t have token person of color (or substitute your unique heritage in) is the very height (and definition of) hypocrisy.

To me it’s just a shitty way to get an easy reaction out of people’s baser instincts because when someone yells Racist! people want to know what’s up and if it looks that way on the surface people will believe it.

It’s all just a extremely low effort way to sling a easy criticism and a baseless claim of racism against successful game and gaming studio to take advantage of the propensity of people to overreact and express moral outrage/judgements over the internet. It’s just a perfect example of “outrage culture.” 


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