The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

I just wrapped up all the side quests and main quests in Skellige last night and moved onto the Kaer Morhen part of the story. I just started off by helping Lambert with his task given by Yennefer and wow Lambert is kind of a huge prick. Amusing though but still annoying, very tough to pull off and still be an interesting character.

My reason for starting with him is gwent related because it’s fucking gwent and that mini game has me completely hooked. JUST LET ME PLAY YOU AND GET YOUR FUCKING CARD ALREADY.

Still, the Kaer Morhen area is pretty awesome. A great looking environment and I can’t wait to interact with the various people I sent to Kaer Morhen for a safe place to lay low.

I’m getting the feeling that I’m in the second half of the game now and proceeding at a pace where I can enjoy every bit of it. Playing this game has changed my playstyle in a major way, before this game I wanted to get the best perceived outcome for my character and make choices to reflect that, after playing this game I am making choices I want to make and just living with the repercussions good or bad. And it’s working out pretty well, no unnecessary deaths unless they had it coming in some way and things have worked out nicely. Spoilers below the Read More line, consider yourself duly fucking warned.

Ah yes, if you notice more casual swearing it’s because I’m rewatching Deadwood. If you watched it, you should fucking know why.

I helped Cerys become Queen of Skellige, and was pleased with the outcome. I lifted the binding between Yen and Geralt. Found the correct serial killer in Novigrad. Resolved the Bloody Baron’s problems with this family. and totally fucking dominated the Gwent Tournament.

And I’m not even finished the game yet. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

CD Projekt Red nailed this game and the hype was finally delivered on.


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