Deus Ex: Mankind Divided related post.

So I came across an interesting tweet from the voice actor for Adam Jensen, Elias Toufexis, addressing an issue that is popping up a lot recently.

The issue being real world issues being expressed in a video game, and the social media outrage from doing it. The drama being from using the phrase “Mechanical Apartheid.” I don’t know where that ranks on the outrage scale, from GTA5 being “misogynist,” to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s lack of black people, to Black Widow in the age of Ultron calling herself a monster, or Sera from Dragon Age: Inquisition being written by a man (the horror, the horror). I’m sure it’s probably the worst thing ever and someone should walk behind the Dev’s of the game yelling “Shame!” and ringing a bell or something.

I dislike the supposed moral authority and their followers bashing whatever and whomever they please for minor or imagined slights or those that get offended on behalf others, and I find it repulsive that it is done not to address any real world issue but a fucking story element in a fucking video game or movie or TV show. Also, it’s not done to attempt to fix anything or address an aspect of real life but just to get twitter followers or views or likes, shares on tumblr or the like, or contributions to kickstarter/paypal/patreon. It’s slacktivism at its worst. It’s toxic and abusive that a bunch of people on social media can spout accusations/harassment around with no consequence or even proof. For some people the accusation/claim is proof enough because it just feels right.

Personally, I am enjoying games/comics/tv/movies that are tackling social or political issues and that it may actually force someone to really consider an issue. It’s ridiculous to expect, or demand, that any form of entertainment conform to any supposed moral authority views or ideals and is in fact the very definition of entitlement.

Whenever I see things like this happen on social media, it just reminds me of this scene in Angel.

Substitute whatever issue/claim/accusation in for Cavemen vs Astronauts.


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