Witcher 3 Replay.

So I got back into playing the Witcher 3 after a long hiatus (about 2 weeks,) I thought I needed a break for a bit after playing it pretty hard-core on the first play through (just around 110 hours.) The break did me good and I got back into playing today, about to get into the witcher contracts and side missions for Velen, as well as treasure hunts to get the superior griffing gear. My approach this time is a more sign based build (with a focus on Igni and Yrden, with 3 points into Axii for the Conversation power) and a secondary focus on Alchemy. I’m also playing on blood and broken bones difficulty.

As of this post, I am about level 9 with Igni as my main damage dealer, I just crafted the first tier of Griffin school gear and I’m able to destroy any number of enemies. Compared to my fast attack cat school build from my first playthrough where I had a little difficulty against multiple opponents and ranged (also on a lower difficulty, Story and Sword), I am having zero problems with groups or ranged (and I’m playing on Blood and Broken Bones difficulty.) I only see it being even easier as I level and gear for better signs with either Griffin School gear or the DLC Wolf School Gear.

I’m going to try making a couple of different choices for a few quests and a few different approaches to completing others, of which I am aiming for the Ciri becoming a Witcheress ending with a few different outcomes for quests like the Baron and few others.

Also, Gwent. Since I know how to play effectively and where to get cards and who to play, I’m enjoying this even more than the first time around. Seriously, Gwent is probably the most fun I’ve had in a mini game since FF7 and FF8. So much better than dice poker from the previous witcher games.

I am eager to see the major patch that is supposed to be up next with improvements and more fixes for things but no solid confirmation on a storage chest or a New Game+ mode. Although, according to some tweets from CD Projekt NG+ mode may or may not happen at all. I’m hoping for extra things like more Gwent things like added cards or decks, more opponents for gwent and  better stakes than 10g per win. I am also hoping for more non gwent stuff but you know only if doesn’t take away from anything Gwent related. Did I mention how much I like Gwent?


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