American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I just got through listening to it last night and it was pretty good, I can see why so many would like it and I can’t really understand why people wouldn’t like it. I got the cast version of the audiobook and it was extremely well done. The narration was great and the cast doing the voice work for all the characters was top-notch.

The story had me hooked in the first 20mins and I was listening to it a lot over the last couple days because I just wanted to hear a good story. The story has a lot of elements of different genres (Fantasy being the most prominent) and that all combined together rather well.  I can totally see why this book is being adapted for TV series, and I think HBO is missing out big time here by letting it go.

Definitely a Gaiman fan now, American Gods and Neverwhere impressed me a lot and I’m a sucker for a good fantasy (or urban fantasy) based story. Totally going to pick up Gaiman’s collected short story works in Trigger Warning next month.


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