The End of All Things

I picked up the audiobook for John Scalzi’s “The End of All Things” (book 6 in the Old Man’s War series,) and it does not disappoint. Everything I liked about the series is present and I was hooked in immediately.

I am about halfway through the audiobook and looking forward to finishing it later tonight.

For the curious, what I liked a lot about the series is the different genres/aspects it blends with a military tale, ranging from quirky humor/comedy to espionage to politics/treachery. When a series in any genre (my 2 preferred genres are Fantasy and Sci-fi) are able to have any or all those aspects to the story, it quickly becomes one of my favorite. It’s why I like the Dresden Files, The First Law series, The Takeshi Kovacs Trilogy ,and it’s why I like the Old Man’s War series so much.

Definitely worth the purchase (or audible credit in this case) and I’d recommend checking out the series to anyone. I prefer audiobooks now and the narration for the series is great and the narration for this audiobook is well done as well.


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